Free 10-Trip Transit Pass

Breeze Card

You + FREE 10-trip Breeze transit pass = Happiness!

You are specifically selected to receive some pretty cool stuff just because you work at Atlantic Station. When registering for your Atlantic Station parking pass, you became eligible to receive a free 10-trip Breeze transit pass + some other goodies. Don’t pass up your secret offer (psst…also please don’t share this link with coworkers. Only a select few have been chosen and are eligible for this program).

Travel Safely 👍 

MARTA is prioritizing essential transit service for people who need to travel to work. Keep these safety tips in mind when riding transit:

🧍↔️🧍Protect Yourself and Others

Social distancing is possible and mandatory for all riders. For your safety, sit in unmarked seats.

😷 Wear A Mask

Use a cloth face mask when riding public transit to protect the well-being of passengers and operators.

🧼👏 Wash Your Hands

Before you leave and when you arrive, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Get a Pay Raise 💰 

Experts say we spend over $8,000 per year on our car. A lot of that goes just to getting us to and from work. ☁️Imagine what you’d do with a couple extra thousand bucks in your pocket. Maybe a new phone? Gifts for family and friends? Pay off that dreaded credit card? A little retail therapy perhaps? Vacations!

It’s… a Breeze 🍃

Atlantic Station is super close to MARTA’s Arts Center Station. 🚶It’s a super easy walk in under 10 minutes. 🚴It’s a nice Relay Bikeshare ride in under 6 minutes. 🚐Or sit back and relax on our FREE Shuttle that comes at least every 20 minutes.

Atlantic Station Map

Atlantic Station 💖  MARTA Arts Center Station

So close. So effortless. So connected.

The Arts Center Station is accessible in under 10 minutes via walking, biking or taking the Atlantic Station Free Shuttle. Once there, you can connect with the MARTA Red and Gold lines, Xpress Bus routes and CobbLinc Bus routes.

MARTA Red LineMARTA Red Line


MARTA GoldLineMARTA Gold Line


MARTA Bus: 27, 37, 40, 110


Xpress Bus to Atlantic Station

Xpress Bus: 411, 412, 414, 423, 431, 440, 441, 453,
              463, 476, and 483


Cobb Linc

COBBLINC Bus: 10, 102


We supplied you with a preloaded 10-trip Breeze transit pass.  Upon entering and exiting MARTA stations and MARTA, Xpress and CobbLinc buses, you’ll tap your card on the readers. Your balance will display on the reader and you walk through the stall. Note: you can only use one pass per person. We recommend you register the card for balance protection and to reload additional fare with ease here.  Just click ‘Sign Up Now’.

The short answer is…it depends 😊 Not everyone is eligible for this specific program; however ASAP has a ton of cool programs and incentives for commuters at Atlantic Station. Have your friend ask us to hook them up with their best way to work:

Awesome. We are the perfect people to talk to.  Reach out however you prefer and we’ll walk you through any of your questions: info@asap-plus.com404.541.0808, or contact us via Facebook Messenger.

The last thing we want is for you to feel stressed out. So always know we have your back. If you are still at the MARTA station or bus, be sure to buy a Breeze transit pass from the machine and get to work. Then, contact us at and we’ll reimburse you for the cost of that trip and help identify why your card didn’t work. Speaking of, did you know we provide free rides home in the event of an emergency?

If it’s been over a week since you requested your free Breeze transit pass, please contact us at, and we’ll sort it out straight away.
If it has NOT been over a week, we ask you hold tight as we may be experiencing some super high demand and crazy delivery schedules. We love that you want that pass, and we’re working our tails off to get you it!

When your Breeze transit pass is delivered, it will include route information indicating which transit option is best suited for you. It will have enough fare pre-loaded on it for 10 trips on that transit route. You will be able to get to work and get back home, no problem. This amount will vary from person to person based on the cost determined by the transit provider.