I-85 Support

I-85 Support, Atlantic Station

Always count on ASAP+ for your best way to work

It goes without saying that the collapse of I-85 severely impacts your commute for the foreseeable future. During this time (and all the time for that matter), you can count on ASAP+ to provide you with excellent services and up-to-date information to help get you to work at Atlantic Station.

ASAP+ Commute Concierge

A Free Concierge Service for a New Commute

Everybody wishes they lived a life full of personal assistants and concierges. Someone to do all your travel-related “heavy lifting” and give you great advice. That’s exactly what the ASAP+ Concierge service is meant to do but specifically for your travel to/from work at Atlantic Station (plus, it’s free and unlike a real concierge—tipping is forbidden).

Just say “hello” via Facebook Messenger and our staff will reply and provide custom info on the best way to get to work along with additional free commuter services and incentives.

*If Facebook messenger isn’t for you, email us at info@asap-plus.com

ASAP Orange Bird

Early + Late Birds, Get the Worm

That old saying about our feathered-friends now applies to your commute. When you avoid the morning and evening rush hours, we’ll reward you! When driving to work is your only option (be sure to ask our Concierge above before you decide), then Atlantic Station office tower employees can shift their arrival/departure times to greatly improve their commute. You’ll also greatly improve your chances to win over $600 in gift cards just for Atlantic Station office tower employees!

Here’s how: Between April 11th and May 12th— every time your car enters the garage before 8:00am and/or every time your car leaves after 6:30pm on a weekday— you’ll be entered to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card as well as one of 20 Yogli Mogli $5 gift cards.

The more times you enter early and/or leave late, the more chances you earn to win! We’ll be using time-stamped data collected from the garages to enter the drawing and pick winners. Eligibility: during the campaign, you must actively work at an employer located in 171, 201, and/or 271 buildings. Carpools are also definitely eligible! Questions? Just give us a shout at: info@asap-plus.com


MARTA Trains are Atlantic Station’s BFF

Ride the Rails:  Atlantic Station commuters are lucky to have one of the most popular MARTA rail stations in our backyard. For many of you, driving to the MARTA station closest to your home and riding the rails to Atlantic Station will be your best bet. You won’t be alone in your plan to ride MARTA, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time especially in the morning. Additional pro tips for your MARTA trip:
  1. To find your MARTA route, receive real-time arrival/departure times and other vital info you’ll want to download the free MARTA On the Go app.
  2. Where should you park? Map of all MARTA parking lot locations and total number of spots.
  3. Are spots left? Real-time parking availability of key stations.
  4. Want to save time finding a parking spot? Take Uber or Lyft to/from the nearest station to your house/office. Check to see if your preferred vendor is offering specials to/from MARTA stations.
  5. Follow MARTA’s Twitter feed as they are continually providing great info and adjustments to make it a great ride.
  6. Atlantic Station provides a free shuttle to/from the Arts Center Station. Be sure to download the real-time shuttle tracking app.
  7. If it’s been a while since you rode MARTA, this article is so so so good at answering all your questions.
  8. If you didn’t see it last week, <clears throat> let there be free food for commuters. Need we say more?

The Atlantic Station shuttle picks up from the Arts Center MARTA Station (catch it where the other buses dock) every 20 minutes, seven days a week from 5:00AM – 1:00AM. This is a free service available to anyone living, working or visiting Atlantic Station. You can track where the shuttle is in real time on our website, or by downloading the free TransLoc Ride app from the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store.

ASAP+ Carpool

Carpool for a Life in the Fast(er) Lanes
There are a ton of reasons to carpool.

  1. It is further to drive to a MARTA station than it is to drive to work.
  2. HOV lanes can get you into some super sweet fast lanes.
  3. You can do your part to get the region moving again.
  4. Free breakfast. Let’s face it—free food makes everything better.
  5. Detours just aren’t in your vocabulary and you need someone else to take the wheel and listen to that crazy Waze voice.

Whatever the reason, it’s good to consider sharing the ride. Find someone with a similar schedule, who lives nearby and works at Atlantic Station by checking out this database of over 50k Atlanta commuters who want to share the ride.

Lyft Logo
Uber Icon

If you use Lyft or Uber in your personal life, it might be something to revisit for your commuter life. Lyft Line and Uberpool- these are the carpool version of the two-popular ride-sharing services. You share a ride—and the fare—with another person who happens to be requesting a ride along a similar route at the same time.+ For a limited time Lyft is offering 50% off fares to MARTA!

Uber is offering a 50% discount on uberPOOL rides that begin or end at a MARTA station and a 25% discount on uberPOOL rides in metro Atlanta so you won’t need to worry about finding parking at MARTA parking lots. Learn more here.

My Xpress

Coach Bus Commuting:

SRTA Xpress offers a convenient and comfortable express bus service across the region with direct and indirect access to Atlantic Station.

Take an Xpress bus from your local Park & Ride and either hop off near Atlantic Station or hop off into a MARTA rail station for the last leg of your commute. If you load both MARTA and SRTA fare on your Breeze card, transfers between the lines are free. Schedules, service updates and routes are found here.

PS did you know Xpress offers free WiFi on their buses so you can connect and start working if you’d like!


There are temporary route and schedule changes to the Gwinnett County Transit routes. View the ‘Fast Facts’ here.


Cycling even just some of the time can help alleviate your own stress and overall congestion on Atlanta’s roadways. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has put together a great collection of resources and info to help you cycle.


Be Informed. Stay Informed.
As details emerge and change, one the best things ASAP+ can do is keep you informed with the latest and greatest information to keep you moving. Stay in touch with current updates by following the ASAP+ Facebook page.


The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has the latest updates on the demolition and reconstruction of the I-85 bridge. Head to GDOT’s website to view press videos about the progress, a detailed detour map, and announcements and alerts.