Atlanta’s air quality could stand to get better. In its 2022 “State of the Air” report, the American Lung Association gave Atlanta an F for ozone levels and said it was the city with the 37th-highest rate of particle pollution in the nation.

The good news is that our air quality gets a little better every year thanks to the efforts of Atlantans choosing more sustainable ways to get around. This August, we at Perimeter Connects invite you to join those efforts by taking part in the “Million Air Challenge”: a challenge to collectively offset one million pounds of CO2 by choosing a green way to travel.

Here are a few reasons why this challenge is worth doing:

1. To Reduce Pollution

The most obvious—and most important—reason to join the challenge is to reduce the pollution in our city. Every pound of CO2 you offset by choosing a green commute leads to less particulate pollution, lower levels of harmful ozone chemicals, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. You and your neighbors will all be able to breathe easier.

2. To Improve Your Health

Sitting in the car doesn’t do much for your health, but walking or biking can be great exercise. In that way, doing good for the planet can be good for you, too. Not only that, but cleaner air leads to better health for everyone.

3. To Try Out a New Commute

Have you ever wondered if transit would be more efficient than driving, or a carpool more fun? This is your chance to try out a different form of commuting that you otherwise may not have gotten around to. Chances are you’ll find something you like.

4. To Win Prizes

While clean air is its own reward, we want to reward you in a more literal way, too. Everyone who signs up for the challenge and logs their clean commutes will be entered to exciting prizes, from gift cards to donated items from local businesses.

Whatever your reason, the Million Air Challenge is sure to be a fun and rewarding time. Register now to be a part of Atlanta’s journey to better air.