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4 Reasons to Join the Million Air Challenge

Atlanta’s air quality could stand to get better. In its 2022 “State of the Air” report, the American Lung Association gave Atlanta an F for ozone levels and said it was the city with the 37th-highest rate of particle pollution in the nation.

The good news is that our air quality gets a little better every year thanks to the efforts of Atlantans choosing more sustainable ways to get around. This August, we at Perimeter Connects invite you to join those efforts by taking part in the “Million Air Challenge”: a challenge to collectively offset one million pounds of CO2 by choosing a green way to travel.

Here are a few reasons why this challenge is worth doing:

1. To Reduce Pollution

The most obvious—and most important—reason to join the challenge is to reduce the pollution in our city. Every pound of CO2 you offset by choosing a green commute leads to less particulate pollution, lower levels of harmful ozone chemicals, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. You and your neighbors will all be able to breathe easier.

2. To Improve Your Health

Sitting in the car doesn’t do much for your health, but walking or biking can be great exercise. In that way, doing good for the planet can be good for you, too. Not only that, but cleaner air leads to better health for everyone.

3. To Try Out a New Commute

Have you ever wondered if transit would be more efficient than driving, or a carpool more fun? This is your chance to try out a different form of commuting that you otherwise may not have gotten around to. Chances are you’ll find something you like.

4. To Win Prizes

While clean air is its own reward, we want to reward you in a more literal way, too. Everyone who signs up for the challenge and logs their clean commutes will be entered to exciting prizes, from gift cards to donated items from local businesses.

Whatever your reason, the Million Air Challenge is sure to be a fun and rewarding time. Register now to be a part of Atlanta’s journey to better air.

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Why Atlantic Station Commuters Are Clearing the Air for the Atlanta Region

Improving air quality is a crucial step towards a better future, and 339 Atlantic Station commuters are making a change for the better by participating in the “Million Air Challenge.”

4 Reasons to Join the Million Air Challenge

The good news is that our air quality gets a little better every year thanks to the efforts of Atlantans choosing more sustainable ways to get around. This August, we at Perimeter Connects invite you to join those efforts by taking part in the “Million Air Challenge”: a challenge to collectively offset one million pounds of CO2 by choosing a green way to travel.

5 Facts About Atlanta’s Air Quality

Historically, air quality in the Atlanta metropolitan area hasn’t been great. But that fate isn’t set in stone. In fact, every year Atlanta’s air quality gets..

Tune-Up Your Bike With These Handy Resources

Now is the perfect time to ride! As we all look for ways to get out of the house, have some (safe) fun with friends and family and get in a little exercise, pulling out and dusting off your bike is just the right thing to do!

The Top 10 Explore-Worthy Bike Trails in Metro Atlanta

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How to Ride 10 Miles in 7 Days

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Atlantic Station GM Depends on MARTA to Arrive at Work

When looking for a home in Atlanta, transit was an important factor in Cornell’s decision and led him to choose a residence accessible to a MARTA station. Now, he frequently takes MARTA from the North Springs station to work at Atlantic Station.

Square’s Atlantic Station Office Clinches Nationally Recognized “Bicycle Friendly Business” Designation

One of Atlantic Station’s largest employers, Square has earned recognition as a Bicycle Friendly Business from the League of American Bicyclists.

Chris Saves Time & Stays Healthy by Bike Commuting

Chris, a Square Software Engineer at Atlantic Station, recently started using a bike for his 2-mile commute from his home in Midtown to work. He decided to give it a try after a coworker suggested he sign up for Biketober – a fun, free competition that takes place each October.

T3 West Midtown Showcases Bike Amenities

A cornerstone of this is T3’s new bike room called The Wheelhouse. It features a bike ramp for easy access, a spacious storage area, fixit station and pump, and locker and shower rooms. 

John Enjoys A Good Book While Riding MARTA

John is a Software Engineer at Square who was feeling stressed due to his tiring drive from his home in Ormewood Park to his job in Atlantic Station each day. Even though he lived a mere 15 minutes from his office, his car ride had turned into 45 minutes with all the traffic.

Boost Your Confidence with Cycling in the City

Atlantans across the city are breaking out their bikes for the Atlanta Bike Challenge, taking place throughout October. In celebration of the challenge, ASAP+ recently teamed up with Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to offer a City Cycling class

Break Out Your Bike 🚲

Want to be rewarded for riding your bike? Take part in the Atlanta Bike Challenge during October.

Fritz Opts for a Stress-free Ride to Work

Atlanta’s gridlock can be a stressful start and end to each workday for residents. This was the case for Fritz, an employee at Womble Bond & Dickinson, who drove from his home in Acworth to his job in Atlantic Station for five years.

Bringing Flexibility to Your Workplace

The 2018 Fortune ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ roster boasts many that have embraced workplace flexibility. As more and more embrace flexible arrangements, they’re proving to be a competitive edge to attract a top-tier workforce and sustain an engaged employee culture.

Bike There Day (May 17, 2019)

Bike There Day is taking place on Friday, May 17, 2019. Celebrate the day by refueling at our Energizer Station and joining in a group bike ride.

Super Bowl Touches Down In Atlanta

Super Bowl LIII and its 10 days of events are happening Saturday, Jan. 26 through Monday, Feb. 4. Here’s what you can expect.

Spotlight on Search Discovery

Atlantic Station’s long standing tenant, Search Discovery, have called their 271 17th St NW office home since 2013. They are a digital intelligence company with 37 local employees…

I-85 Support

The I-85 collapse has changed your commute today and for unforeseen future. Here are some quick resources to support you. ASAP+ staff can provide you with free online personal commute assistant. Just message us and our staff will reply with info on the best way…

Kickstart Your 2017 Resolutions

Thank you to all who participated in the 2017 New Year New Commute campaign! Check back next year for more great reasons to make and keep your resolutions. If you are interested in additional help to keep on track with…

New: GCO App for iPhone

ASAP+ partners with Georgia Commute Options, the regional provider for incentive programs and ride-matching services.

2018 Guaranteed Ride Home Applications Available Now

If you are currently registered for the Guaranteed Ride Home program, you will need to re-register for 2017.

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