Atlanta’s gridlock can be a stressful start and end to each workday for residents. This was the case for Fritz, an employee at Womble Bond & Dickinson, who drove from his home in Acworth to his job in Atlantic Station for five years. Tired of racking up 50+ miles to work and back each day, Fritz realized he needed a better way to get to work and decided to make the switch to a more relaxing ride on an Xpress bus.


Fritz recently connected with us to share how choosing to ride Xpress proved to be a more reliable, stress-free way to arrive at work.


ASAP+: When did you start working at Atlantic Station, and where are you commuting from?

Fritz: I have worked at Atlantic Station since 2009. I commute from Acworth each day, which is 27 miles each way. Most days I park my car at the Woodstock park-n-ride, and take the 483 Xpress bus.


ASAP+: What led you to start taking Xpress to work?

Fritz: I started taking Xpress about 5 years ago to reduce my stress levels from driving. As the Facilities Manager at Womble Bond & Dickinson, it is important for me to be in the office consistently, and the Xpress commuter bus has proven to be a very reliable way for me to avoid sitting in traffic.


ASAP+: What is your favorite part about riding Xpress?

Fritz: Stress relief! Xpress is comfortable and timely. I know that if I am at the park-n-ride at 6:45 AM, I can be at work by 8 AM. There’s extra planning involved, but it’s worth it. Sometimes I drive to work, but I occasionally find myself heading down to the bus because I’m in the habit of using Xpress.


ASAP+: How do you usually spend your time while riding Xpress?

Fritz: I catch up on emails, take a nap, or read a book.


ASAP+: What tips do you have for people considering changing their commute? 

Fritz: Try it! Don’t underestimate the bus! I’ve noticed that some people have a preconceived notion about taking transit. Xpress is not a typical bus experience. There’s Wi-Fi, seats that recline, reading lights, and personal AC vents. Everyone practices “quiet bus” etiquette so that people can sleep and relax. Plus, SRTA gives riders the capability to track their bus via a phone app.


ASAP+: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your commute? 

Fritz: Taking the bus will add years to your lifespan!