If you wake up too early to ride MARTA, then we’ve got some big news for you!

ASAP is thrilled to introduce MARTA Connect, a partnership with Uber and Lyft. MARTA Connect provides commuters like you with greater flexibility and more options for your transportation needs.

Use MARTA Connect and get an $8 daily credit for Uber or Lyft rides between 4:00 AM and 6:30 AM on weekdays. This credit will help you save money on transportation to those early morning commitments, then you can utilize MARTA trains and buses to get back home if you don’t have a ride.


How does MARTA Connect work?

Here are the steps to use MARTA Connect:

  1. Add the MARTA Connect pass/voucher to your account:
  2. Take an UberX or Standard Lyft ride between 4:00 AM and 6:30 AM, Monday to Friday only.
  3. An $8 credit will be applied to the ride. The remaining balance will be charged to your default payment method.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for additional details:

  • How many times can the $8 credit be used? The credit can be used only once per day.
  • What days of the week can the $8 credit be used? Currently, the MARTA Connect program works Monday-Friday
  • What parts of Atlanta are covered? To receive the $8 credit, trips must originate and/or terminate within Clayton, Fulton, or Dekalb Counties, which are the service areas of MARTA.
  • What times of day are covered? To qualify for the $8 credit, trips must begin or finish between 4:00 AM and 6:30 AM, Monday through Friday. Ensure a timely arrival by planning ahead, and make sure your trip falls within the 4:00 AM to 6:30 AM window, Monday through Friday.
  • What if the Uber or Lyft ride costs more than $8? The remaining balance will then be charged to the default payment method on your Uber or Lyft account.
  • What if the Uber or Lyft ride costs less than $8? If the trip is less than $8, the credit will cover the full cost of the ride. Please note that any remaining balance for that day can’t be used for other trips.
  • Do the credits roll over? No. There is only one $8 credit per day available, Monday to Friday.
  • Do the credits apply to Lyft bikes and scooters? Yes, the $8 credit on Lyft can be used for Standard Lyft, e-bike, Classic bike and scooter rides.


Who is MARTA Connect for?

MARTA Connect is tailored for Atlantic Station residents who face the challenge of early morning commutes and need reliable options for getting to work. If you wake up before the sun rises to get to work, MARTA Connect can be a game-changer for you. Whether you work in downtown Atlanta or any other location accessible through MARTA, this program can help you save money and make your daily commute more convenient.

Some early morning workers leave for work before MARTA has started running for the day, so a lot of them turn to Uber or Lyft as a result.

The new MARTA Connect service will make these regularly occurring trips more affordable with an $8 daily credit. Employees can then use MARTA trains and buses to get back home at the end of the day.


Download the GCO App and Take Advantage of MARTA Connect

MARTA Connect is designed to make the lives of Atlantic Station residents easier by providing a convenient and affordable transportation option for their early morning commutes.

By taking advantage of the $8 credit for Uber or Lyft rides, residents can save money and rely on MARTA trains and buses for their return journey. Furthermore, Atlantic Station itself offers a vibrant community with an array of amenities to explore during leisure time. With MARTA Connect, say goodbye to costly commutes and hello to a more convenient way to travel.

Download the GCO app, where you can also take advantage of benefits like carpooling and earning cash rewards and prizes for tracking your trips.