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Guaranteed Ride Home Is Now Available 24/7 for Metro Atlanta Commuters

Living and working at Atlantic Station comes with a unique set of perks, but we all know that commuting can be a challenge for many individuals. 

If you’re a registered commuter with our partner Georgia Commute Options  you’ll be delighted to know that the free Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program has now expanded to operate 24/7!

Life can be unpredictable and unexpected situations may arise – whether it’s a family emergency, unplanned overtime at work or a sudden illness. With Georgia Commute Options’ Guaranteed Ride Home program, you can commute with peace of mind knowing you have a reliable safety net.

This recent update ensures that commuters will never be stranded, no matter the time or situation. This also makes carpooling and transit more appealing options, because the worry of being stranded or having limited transportation choices is alleviated, encouraging more individuals to opt for sustainable commuting solutions. 

Below, you’ll find a recap of how GRH works, how to redeem your free rides and a list of benefits that commuters can enjoy.


What is Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH)?

  • The GRH program, offered by Georgia Commute Options, is designed to provide a reliable and convenient backup plan for commuters. 
  • Members of the GCO app can redeem Uber rides up to 4 times per year.
  • Users can now request the GRH through their account on the MyGaCommute website or the Ga Commute app.


Benefits of 24/7 GRH

  1. Reliability at Any Hour: The expansion of the GRH program to operate 24/7 means you can count on a ride home, even during the late hours or early morning. No matter what time your shift ends, you won’t have to worry about finding a ride back home.
  2. Flexible Emergency Coverage: Life’s emergencies don’t adhere to a schedule, and with the 24/7 GRH, you can rest assured that you’re protected round the clock. Whether it’s a sudden family matter, an unexpected work obligation, or any other unforeseen event, GCO has your back.
  3. Stress-Free Carpooling and Transit Commutes: Knowing that you have a guaranteed ride home reduces the stress associated with commuting. You can focus on your workday or enjoy your time at Atlantic Station without the constant worry about transportation.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: With the GRH program being offered at no additional cost to GCO members, it’s a cost-effective alternative to expensive last-minute rides, taxi fares, or surge pricing from ride-sharing apps.


To Redeem Your Free Rides, Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Access the Ga Commute app or visit
  2. Ensure your account settings have a valid phone number and that you’ve enabled text message notifications. You’ll receive a verification code via text to confirm your phone number.
  3. Visit the rewards tab on the GA Commute app or webpage and navigate to the featured section where you will see “Guaranteed Ride Home” as an option. Click on “Redeem for 0 points” in green at the bottom of the page, after reviewing the terms and conditions.
  4. Provide the necessary information for fulfilment and select your email.
  5. A GCO staff member will contact you to confirm the ride details.
  6. After confirming the details, the GCO staff will schedule your Uber ride.
  7. You’ll receive a text message containing your Uber’s information, including the car description, license plate and driver’s name. A tracking link will also be provided, allowing you to monitor your ride’s progress, but changes cannot be made.
  8. Enjoy your ride!

For GCO members living or working at Atlantic Station, the expansion of the GRH program to operate 24/7 is undoubtedly a game-changer. Now, you can enjoy a stress-free commute, knowing that GCO has your back no matter what time or situation arises. Sign up for the program today.

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A Quick Guide for Commuting to the Atlanta Open at Atlantic Station

As a resident, visitor or worker in Atlantic Station, you have the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the excitement of the renowned Atlanta Open tournament. 

This prestigious event promises world-class tennis action from top talent and an electrifying atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat. However, with the influx of attendees, parking at the tournament will be packed and potentially challenging.

Fear not! We’ve got you covered with some convenient recommendations for getting around the tournament this year so you can enjoy the event without worrying about parking availability.


Atlantic Station Pinnacle Lot

The Atlantic Station Pinnacle Lot offers 7,000 parking spaces below the complex; however, due to high demand from tournament fans and regular Atlantic Station visitors, it tends to fill up quickly.

If the Pinnacle Lot is an option for you, you’ll find additional commute details below:

By Car: Drive to the P2 level of the parking deck, and once parked, exit near Stairwell 2 to access the event entrance on 20th Street.

Walking: Head to the P2 level of the parking deck using Stairwells 2, 3, or 4, and then exit straight ahead onto 20th Street.

Rideshare: If you’re using Lyft or Uber, the designated drop-off location for the Pinnacle Lot is at 241 20th Street, Atlanta, GA 30363.

Check out the Directions and Parking section of the Atlanta Open website for additional details.


Commuting From the Atlanta Airport

The journey from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) to Atlantic Station typically takes around 30 minutes. 

To ensure a smooth and convenient ride, your best bet is to opt for a taxi or Uber from the airport, with fares usually ranging between $20 to $30. 


Free Shuttle Service From MARTA

With the expected influx of visitors, utilizing the free shuttle service is strongly encouraged.

Atlantic Station is well-served by various transit options, making it easy for you to reach the tournament without the hassle of hunting down a parking space. MARTA, Atlanta’s public transit system, offers complimentary shuttles to and from Atlantic Station via the Arts Center MARTA Station

Simply hop on a train and get off at Arts Center Station, located just steps away from the tournament. This allows you to bypass traffic congestion and focus on enjoying the tournament to the fullest.


Atlantic Station Shuttle

The Atlanta Open provides a free shuttle service within Atlantic Station during the tournament. The shuttle operates on a loop, making it easy for you to navigate the area, visit different courts, and access amenities. 

The Atlantic Station Shuttle ensures you can move around easily, catch matches at your preferred courts, and explore everything Atlantic Station has to offer during the tournament.

Check out ASAP’s shuttle tracker, where you can track the Atlantic Station Shuttle route and the real-time locations of each shuttle.

What makes this venue truly exceptional is its close proximity to an array of other food and entertainment options. Whether you’re seeking a break from tennis or craving a variety of culinary delights, you’re in luck since the venue is situated in the heart of a sprawling shopping and restaurant district.

Learn more about how to get around Atlantic Station here.

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How Atlantic Station Became the #1 Flexwork Destination in Atlanta

In today’s ever-changing work landscape, flexibility is no longer a luxury- it’s a necessity.

Whether you’re an employee looking for a dynamic work environment or a resident looking for a place that seamlessly combines work and play, Atlantic Station is at the heart of it all.

With its vibrant community and an array of amenities, Atlantic Station has emerged as the best place to live and work in Atlanta, earning high accolades in categories ranging from outdoor activities to health and fitness, commuting, and more.

The convenient location and pedestrian-friendly environment creates a seamless transition between work and personal life, allowing you to maximize productivity and enjoy the balanced lifestyle so many workers have come to desire, without the need for constant driving. Having such close access to jobs and errands helps promote alternatives to solo driving like walking, biking, and flexwork.

With more people choosing to bike and walk, roads in Atlanta have the opportunity to become less congested. A study by Share The Road found that when cities decide to invest in “active transportation” and/or flexwork, traffic and congestion begin to decrease significantly.

Benefits of reduced traffic often include:

  1. Overall better travel times
  2. Traffic accident delays are reduced
  3. Better access to city facilities and services for everybody


Looking for an opportunity to become more physically active? 

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