Now is the perfect time to ride! As we all look for ways to get out of the house, have some (safe) fun with friends and family, and get in a little exercise, pulling out and dusting off your bike is just the right thing to do!

So, you pull out your trusted bike and…oh, no, something is not quite right. Flat tire? Broken chain? Take advantage of our compilation of easy Do-It-Yourself maintenance videos to get you started on the road to taking care of your bike and yourself!

Essential Bike Repair and Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Videos from Park Tool on basic bike repair and maintenance with commentary and tips from cyclist/adventurer, Alissa

If you are like us, you want to start with a thorough understanding of the basics. This site smartly adds videos on “How to Remove and Reinstall a Wheel” and “How to Clean and Lube Your Bike Chain.”  From replacing a tire to patching your tube, these videos and tips are designed to help you get your bike ready for your next adventure!

ABC Check With Bike Shop Girl

Video walkthrough of basic checks/essential maintenance with Bike Shop Girl, Arleigh

What is an ABC Check? Arleigh’s mission is to help you bike more and worry less! Through this detailed video, you will better understand how and when to check your Air/Tires, Brakes, and Chain to ensure that your bike is safe to ride, every time.

Five Easy Ways to Maintain a Bike

Short, to the point videos on basic bike maintenance from Bike New York

Do you prefer your information quick and to the point?  Then these bicycle maintenance videos are for you!  Every video is under 4 minutes but still covers the important basics like patching a flat, adjusting brakes, and the important, but rarely presented, proper adjustment of your seat post.

Bike Maintenance: Conquer Your Fear And Learn To Fix Your Bike

Good lists of “right now” and “over time” tools

A resource hub for conquering the fear of performing your own bicycle maintenance. You may want to get started, but not know where to begin. You will need the right tools, but what are they? Find out which tools are must-haves to get started and which you can acquire over time as you build your confidence in maintaining your bike. 

8 Essential Bike Repair Skills You Need to Know

Basic maintenance tips for those who prefer to read

To get the “big picture” understanding of bike maintenance before digging into the how-to videos, this site provides high-level insights and tips on the importance of bicycle maintenance via a quick read that will set you on course for hands-on repairs for a lifetime of bike independence!